Reclaimed Wood Double-Wine Boxes

Imagine looking at a pile of old wood that somebody means to burn, but seeing something useful in it instead. That’s the story of my wife and the fence.

So, in the middle of this pandemic summer, the wife and I have been getting lots of little projects finished — why not? Can’t really do anything else, which has mostly been fine anyway. Well, one of the projects was building a shed and replacing some privacy fence around the corner of our yard. That whole project is coming together a bit slowly — the shed is up and that’s working out fine, but the fence is another story. Turns out getting treated timber for posts is a bit of an ordeal right now. Who knew?

Anyway, with the posts we did have I was able to replace two sections of fence and after taking down the old ones I leaned them against the side of the shed, intending to break them down and burn them. At least, I was. Because right about then the wife wandered by and saw the fence and wondered if it could be salvaged for something. Instead of looking at the fence and seeing fire wood, she saw a project. Of course, she’s not a woodworker, so the project was for me.

One thing the fence became were these wine boxes with sliding lids. The fence was broken down, planed to a uniform thickness, and the best of them were glued up into panels. Then, they became boxes.

Naturally, as these are made from reclaimed wood, the boxes have a naturally rustic feel, with all the expected charm and imperfections you get from reclaimed wood.

There are four available, if you want one for your very own. You can buy them here. Holds two wine bottles of your choice. (Wine shown is not included).

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