Mixed Hardwood Coasters — Scrap No More

Some woodworkers finish projects, look at what’s left over — the offcuts, as it were — and there first thought is they either have (1) garbage, or (2) firewood. In a lot of cases, the wood they’re treating as trash has some life left in it beyond going to a landfill, or the burn pile. If you’re properly motivated, most everything can be of use.

Eventually, though, what’s left hasn’t much value at all. That’s when you make coasters.

Pictured above are two sets of coasters, but there are so much more than that.

Available to purchase are:
(1) set of four mixed cherry and other hardwood coasters in a walnut box
(1) set of four mixed hardwood coasters in a basswood box
(1) set of four maple and mixed-hardwood coasters in a basswood box
(1) set of four maple and mixed hardwood coasters without a box
(1) set of four exotic hardwood coasters, including purple heart, without a box
(1) set of eight cherry coasters without a holder.

These would look great sitting on your coffee table, or end table, or nightstand, or dashboard of your car (not recommended). Really, anywhere you put your drinks — you do what works best for you.

These coasters are 4″ by 4″ square.

You feel like spending some of your hard-earned money on something I rescued from the scrap bin and made something useful out of? Well, then go to my Etsy listing and have your credit card ready. It will be appreciated.

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