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Wooden Chair Repair

In my basement is a chair that was originally part of a dining set my wife inherited from her grandparents.  The dining set is nothing to write home about — the table is the sort of mid-century laminate crap sold that Sears probably sold in bulk and which everybody of a certain age has hiding…

Friendly Reminder Re: IKEA furniture

Just a friendly reminder to put finish on your bare-wood IKEA furniture.  Not only will it help the pieces keep longer, it gives them a warmer look.  You might not be able to tell as much from the photos here, but the second one does have finish on it.  It does look warmer.  And it…

Liquor Cabinet

If we all stopped and thought about it for a moment, no matter how terrible the pandemic was (is?), there was some sort of highlight for everybody.  Maybe it was more time with family, less spending on take-out meals, or more time outdoors.  Whatever it was, I’m sure if you looked, you’d find it. For…

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