Clamp Champ

POWERTEC 10 in. 330 lbs. Capacity load F Clamp Heavy-Duty F Style Bar Clamps  for Woodworking (2-Pack)-71592 - The Home DepotI think it’s pretty accepted by woodworkers that if you want clamps fast, and in quantity, without paying through the nose, the best option is going to Harbor Freight.  Certainly, Harbor Freight gets a bad rap in some circles for being cheap, and is why your snootier woodworkers, who aren’t me, will clutch their pearls at the very notion of using anything from Harbor Freight.

But I’m not snooty and never subscribe to the notion that ‘cheap’ means ‘not good’.  Hell, some of the best tacos I’ve ever had were basically dirt cheap.

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I Have A Bandsaw

20211201_150047A couple years ago I bought a 9-inch Ryobi band saw off facebook marketplace.

I won’t tell you what I paid for it, but let’s just agree I paid too much for it.  This overpayment proved especially true when you consider the thing never properly worked, even after I replaced the tires and bought a new blade.  Even my son couldn’t even get it to work, and he’s the one with far more patience working through and calibrating the machinery than I am.  In the end, that bandsaw has basically sat unused since purchase, which means it’s spent two years being nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

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