Cutting/Charcuterie Boards

Over the summer I made some chunky end-grain cutting boards for around the kitchen that were about 1.5 inches thick. They are beefy and take some abuse. I’ve posted on them before here, so no need to rehash it.

Afterwards I used the thin castoffs from those boards to make a smaller, thinner cutting board. Which one do you think the wife preferred? The thinner one, of course. In fact, she never uses the others.

Anyway, rather than make one from castoffs as an afterthought, I made these three on purpose. Containing a hardwood mix, and backed by two thin layers of maple to give them a little more stability, these three cutting boards are approximately 13.5 inches x 7.5 inches x .75 inches. They might not feel as substantial, but the light weight and low profile are clearly more inviting for daily use.

Better, you don’t have to use them simply as a cutting board. If you’re feeling fancy spready cheese and crackers and sliced meats and whatever on ’em and call it a charcuterie board.

I made three, sold one to a friend, and two remain. Get them here while supplies last.

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