Cutting Boards

Cutting Board 3Many people make cutting boards from scraps — the wood left over from other projects that’s just big enough to make you resistant to throwing away.  I tend to turn those scraps into coasters, largely because I save the bigger scraps to use on other projects that may never come to pass.  This might make me a hoarder, but if it does, I know I’m not the only one.

Cutting Board 2Anyhow, when me supply of bigger pieces of scrap started to get a bit out of hand, I turned to making cutting boards.  One was primarily maple, but with walnut accents.  Another was primarily cherry, but there’s probably some oak in there.

104795634_10117556992523064_4360651205402851715_oMore interestingly, I decided to make a cutting board inspired by the art of Mark Rothko.  This doubly interested me as I love Mark Rothko paintings, but also, my wife hates them.  So it was both satisfying to me on an aesthetic level, and also on a troll level.  This cutting board was made with paduak, purple heart, and poplar.

Cutting Board 1Of course, because purple heart and paduak are not cheap and were bought special for this project, I couldn’t bring myself to throw away those scraps either.  So, I mixed them in with the leftover poplar and some zebrawood to get another cutting board.

The Mark Rothko board is mine and stays in my house.  If you want the others, they’re on sale here.  (I suggest reading the descriptions carefully, as one board has a slight flaw in an edge glue joint).

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